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Ziba Copenhagen

Pure Mulberry silk scrunchie (small)

Pure Mulberry silk scrunchie (small)

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Silk scrunchies are a perfect way to enjoy wearing ponytails, messy buns, and any other hairstyle that requires your hair to be tied as they won’t cause ridges in the hair or damage it. Beautiful yet practical, silk scrunchies will keep your hair pretty and out of the way when you need it to be.

This means that silk scrunchies won’t dry out your hair and make it brittle, but rather make sure that your hair stays smooth and nourished even after you’ve worn a ponytail for the whole day. Silk scrunchies don’t cause ridges in hair, either, so you can count on your hair staying straight and shiny once you let it down. By using silk scrunchies and regularly nourishing your hair with the right products, you can expect your hair to stay damage-free and grow faster than it usually does.

Made with 100% Mulberry Silk in a generous 22 momme weight with a beautiful sheen and extra soft feel.  Perfect for all hair types and sized to fit all styles.

Available in 3 different sizes and many colours.

The small scrunchie is approximately 7 mm wide.

Buy 3 and save 15 %  

Care:  Machine wash on a Silk wash with mild detergent at 30° or hand wash and dry naturally. 

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